Thai Sweet Potato Soup – 26p


Another recipe to make use of the Aldi Super Six for this fortnight (ending May 6th), this sweet potato soup is a nice break from my usual carrot and coriander (a go-to flavour combination when I’m cooking root veg). For when they’re not on sale, the sweet potato is easily substituted for something else that has the same sort of syrupy flavour – carrots, butternut squash, parsnip… you’re looking for something toothsome and earthy.

These quantities serve between two and three people, depending on how hungry you are. As ever, prices are Tesco via Mysupermarket, unless otherwise stated. You need:

3 large sweet potatoes (800g) – 49p from Aldi
5 tbsp of Maggi coconut milk powder, plus 1 litre of water* – 20p
OR 1 can of coconut milk, plus enough liquid to make up to 1 litre.
1 tsp Thai Red curry paste – approx 9p (cheaper from Asian supermarkets but avaialble for around £1.89 in Tesco)

(*  The powdered milk is very cheap from Clearance XL just now at 59p per box, though it is  also available from Tesco for £1.99).

TOTAL: 78p, or 26p per serving

Chop the veg into large chunks, add the curry paste and boil in the coconut milk.  When the veg is soft, mash with a potato masher/fork and serve with a scattering of fresh coriander (if you have it) 🙂

I’ll be 100% honest with you here, I love this soup. But… my family hate it. Husband thinks that it’s ’empty’ – that there’s just a hot, sweet hit at the end and that it’s otherwise flavourless. Daughter, just voices her disgust and pushes it around her bowl a bit. It’s something I save to enjoy when there’s just me in the house.

If you do try it and end up with leftovers, blend them into a smooth sauce and use it in place of a jar of curry sauce – fry off your veg and any meat you might fancy using, spoon this over the top and enjoy on a bed of rice.

I’d love to hear from you if you try this – am I right and this is delicious, or is Hsuband entitled to moan? 😉

— Farn ❤DSC_2552



Creamy Mackerel and Sweet Potato Pie – 68p-76p per serving

I’m a sucker for fish and cream together, particularly when the fish is smoked and the cream is… well… cream, and not a white sauce. I first made the recipe below using butternut squash, rather than sweet potato, and while that is a lovely flavour combination, the squash tends to be a pricey vegetable and frankly, the sweet potato does the same job for a fraction of the cost.

The other thing I really love about this – compared to a conventional fish pie – is how textured it is, that there’s still a slight bite to the potatoes and onions.

The prices below were taken from on 29/03/2015 (this is a really handy price comparison site for grocery shoppers, by the way). I chose Tesco as a price guide, simply because most people have a store near them, but I’m fairly certain that if you’ve got a Lidl/Aldi that you could produce this dish for less.

Anyway, without further ado, you will need:
½ a pack of Tesco Smoked mackerel fillets – £1.61 per pack so 80p for this recipe (tinned is cheaper but slightly more oily so using them would alter the texture of the dish)
1 onion – 16p (for single onion – costs less from a multipack/Lidl/Aldi/market)
1-2 sweet potatoes, 30-60p
½ garlic bulb – 15p… ish
300mls cream – 85p (this can be cheaper by using half the pot and making the volume up with milk)
4 medium baking potatoes (around 700g)– 50p ish, presuming you use the cheapest tatties and not the bag labelled ‘baking potatoes’.
LOADS of salt and pepper

Total cost: £3.06 – 76p per serving, using 300mls cream.
OR £2.70 – 68p per serving, using 150mls cream and 150mls milk (based on milk costing 4p per 100mls)

Adding 100g each of frozen peas and sweetcorn (both Value, of course 😉 ) puts an additional 20p on the price overall, making it 81p per head, or 72p if you’ve just used milk.*

2Finely chop garlic and use it to rub the inside of a baking dish – the sort of thing you’d cook lasagne in. Sprinkle very liberally with salt and pepper. Slice the onion, sweet potatoes and regular potatoes. Flake the fish. Build up layers, sprinkling the fish throughout and seasoning every layer. Pour the cream over the top and bake at around 160C until the veg is soft and the top is golden. You can add a little milk if yours starts to dry up/continue baking with tin foil over the top if it colours too quickly.

At 76p a head (81p with veg), this could quickly blow your £1 a day budget. It would leave you with 24p for breakfast and lunch – doable, but difficult. Starting the day with porridge (around 10p per portion if you use Tesco Value oats and 50/50 water and milk to make it) and then having a few slices of the 12p loaf  for lunch – both with your choice of budget topping – would bring you in on target but leave little room for snacks or additional fruit/veg.

3I tend to save dishes like this – those at the upper end of my budget – for when the veg I need is on sale in Aldi’s ‘Super Six’, when I can get fish reduced, or for the summer time when I’ve got some potatoes in the garden (plant your sprouting eyes for free potatoes!).

How would you cut the cost of this further?

–Farn ❤


*I had mine with asparagus from last week’s Aldi Super Six – it needed eating up – and cabbage that I got free with a Muscle Foods order. New customers can get £5 off with the code FEEDYOURSELF, by the way 🙂