Quickled Onion salad – 28p-56p per person

Based on a recipe in the LEON 2 cookbook, ‘quickled onion salad’ has become a bit of a staple at our house. It’s great when served slightly warm on a slice of hot, buttered toast and could be made for the cost of a can of beans and an onion if you had a tomato plant and some parsley in the garden. Bargain! 🙂 Another massive plus point, is that there is no cooking required.

1 can of beans – I used Pinto beans because I had some in the pantry and didn’t know what else to do with them, but I usually use kidney beans at 30p per can (Tesco Value).
Half an onion, very thinly sliced – 8p (based on a 16p loose onion – Tesco again)
2 large tomatoes – around 20p (based on a net of Tesco Value tomatoes costing 75p per net and containing an average of 8 tomatoes)
2 tbsp of vinegar – I used some from an old jar of pickled onions (free), but you can use any clear vinegar you like. Distilled white vinegar will cost around 2p.
Salt and Pepper – 2p
A good handful of fresh parsley (optional) – 50p ish from Tesco

Very finely slice your onion. The thinner you can do this, the sweeter the onion will go in the vinegar during the quick pickling – quickling… see? 😉 – process. Cover the chopped onion in vinegar and set to one side while you dice the tomatoes, drain the beans, and finely chop the parsley. Wait another five minutes, just to be sure your onions are ready and then stir everything together. Done!

As a main for lunch, this would serve two people, putting the cost at 56p per person. With 100g of rice stirred through (uncooked weight and using Tesco Value, this adds 5p to the total cost), it’ll feed 3-4 people putting it between 39p and 30p per person. As a side to a main meal, this served four of us easily, with enough leftover to stir through a can of chopped tomatoes to make a tasty soup – 28p as a side.

I like to make this during the summer to eat with fresh rocket from the garden, a good slice of toast and an omelette – simple, tasty and wholesome food.

What are your favourite salads?

— Farn ❤


Kidney bean and sweetcorn salad – 29p-47p per person

I don’t know about you, but I’m a little bit tired of salad being defined as iceberg lettuce, slightly unripe tomatoes and watery cucumber. Don’t get me wrong, a nice crisp, iceberg has it’s place (on a tortilla wrap with tartar sauce, gherkins and fish fingers, for example), but when it comes to a salad for lunch, or a side dish for dinner, I really want something more.

Enter the kidney bean and sweetcorn salad. Prices are correct, as of 29/03/2015. As usual, I’m using Tesco via Mysupermarket – I imagine that Lidl/Aldi would be cheaper though, especially for the kidney beans.

DSC_21931 can of kidney beans – 30p Tesco Value (23p at Aldi)
60mls olive oil (vegetable is fine) – 15p ish
1/2 clove of garlic – 2-5p
pinch of salt – 1p
Ground black pepper – 1p
125g of frozen sweetcorn – 13p (using Tesco Value)
1/2 a red pepper -25p for a pepper from a Tesco Value multipack (approx), making it around 13p for half
2 tomatoes – 7p from a Tesco Value multipack (approx), so 14p for 2
1/2 a finely sliced onion – 16p for one onion, so 8p for half
1 lime – 30p

Total cost: £1.21 in total, using Tesco beans.
OR £1.14 using Aldi beans.

Drain your beans, chop your veg and mix your liquids. Stir it all together and you’re done. With the sweetcorn being frozen, just leave it to stand a while on the side before serving. You don’t need to cook the sweetcorn, but you do need to let it come up to room temperature.

As a lunch, I’d say it serves 3, but I would stir some pasta through it – 75g per person, and costing around 7p. So as a lunch 47p for Tesco beans and 45p for Aldi beans.

If you did chose to have it as a side, I’d say this could serve 4 people, presuming there was something else (baked potatoes, potato wedges, garlic bread, rice salad, pasta salad… whatever you can think of). That makes it 31p for Tesco beans and 29p for Aldi beans.

Nom nom nom!

What are your favourite lunch dishes?

— Farn ❤