Chicken and Beans – 82p per serving


I know I say this about a lot of dishes, but this one is really one of my favourites. It’s comforting, easy and quick to make. It tastes wholesome, earthy and is the perfect fodder to come in to after a long spring walk. In the past, I’ve been known to chop an onion and garlic, freeze it with a pack of chicken pieces and throw the lot in the freezer as a sort of ‘meal pack’. Then I know I’ve always got something filling and hearty to put in the slow cooker that involves no ‘fresh’ ingredients (obv. the onion and garlic were originally fresh but… you know…) This is perfect for when you’re coming back from a trip, or on those days when you’re tempted by takeaways.

Anyway, the prices below are from Tesco via Mysupermarket. You could easily do this cheaper by shopping in Aldi/Lidl, using dried beans instead of canned, making the chicken stock yourself from bones, or by buying lower welfare chicken.

2 cloves of garlic 8p
1 onion 16p
200g frozen sweetcorn 20p
1 can of interesting beans i.e. flageolet (these are best!), pinto, black eyed beans etc. 52p (or four cans for £2.00, cutting the price to 50p per can)
250mls rice (because I am odd and measure rice this way… I would estimate 200g, making it 8p)
1 value stock cube and 750mls-1litre of boiling water 2p
OR 750mls-1litre of chicken stock from leftover bones
1 piece of chicken per person from a pack of Tesco free range chicken thighs, £4.25 (or befriend your local butcher, buy lower welfare meat, use leftovers from a Sunday roast or check out the chicken thigh selection at Muscle Foods) As I use just over half a pack for this recipe, I’m writing the cost as £2.25,but give or take as you will.

Method: Put everything but the rice and sweetcorn (onion and garlic finely chopped, beans drained) in the slow cooker on high for 2 hours, or cook on the hob for 45 minutes. Cook the rice – either by adding it to the . When the rice is done and the water/stock absorbed, add the sweetcorn, stir through and serve.

Total cost: £3.29 or 82p per serving.

Using the prices above, this is at the more expensive end of the £1 per day spectrum. You can still come in on budget though – having a bowl of 10p porridge for breakfast puts you at 92p for the day, then follow this up by a couple of slices of the 12p loaf, buttered, for lunch and you’re just around the 95p mark. This gives you a little leeway for toppings – jam is cheap but not particularly healthy, whilst homemade hummus is a great alternative to butter and much better for you. You could make a bone broth from the leftovers of a whole chicken and add some veg peelings/nettles for a totally free soup (nettle soup is wonderful, by the way. I’ll cover that another day, I promise).

And if you’re wondering, the green in the pic is some celery I added, just to use it up.

Which are your favourite bean dishes?

— Farn ❤


Baked Bean Lasagne – 53p per portion

It wouldn’t be the Feed Yourself for £1 a day blog without Pat’s infamous Baked Bean Lasagne. I first tried it shortly after the group was created and now make it approximately once per month. My whole family love it including my husband who once believed you couldn’t eat a meal without meat and my 2 year old who simply said ‘Yummy in my Tummy!’  I personally love it because it’s healthier and more filling then a standard lasagne.

Sound too good to be true?  Only one way to find out….

You will need:

Pack of Lasagne Sheets – 250g 40p – I counted and there were 12 sheets in my pack.
1 Red Pepper 33p – cheaper to buy a pack of mixed peppers for 99p. The green and yellow can be used in other meals (such as lentil cottage pie)
1 Onion 8p
2 Cloves Garlic 4p
Mushrooms – I used 1/3 pack 25p
2 Cans Baked Beans 48p
Can Chopped Tomatoes 34p
Worcester Sauce 8p – Cheaper if use Asda own brand at 59p for 150ml but Tesco only sell the branded stuff
Soy Sauce 8p – Again Cheaper if use Aldi at 47p for 150ml but Tesco only sell the branded stuff
Salt & Pepper 1p
Mixed Herbs 1p
150g Mature Cheddar 68p

For the Cheese Sauce

40g Value Spread 5p
40g Plain Flour 1p
250ml Whole Milk 11p
250ml Water
Salt & Pepper 1p
50g Mature Cheddar 23p

TOTAL = £3.19 for 6 portions

I have followed Farn’s lead and used Tesco prices via MySupermarket as at 02/04/2015

Dice onion, pepper, mushrooms and garlic. Fry off in pan. Add baked beans and chopped toms. Bring to the boil and then leave to Simmer for 5 mins. Add salt and pepper and mixed herbs, along with a dash of both worcester sauce and soy sauce (if you are the measuring type I’d say a ‘dash’ is about 10ml. Simmer for a further 5 mins. Majority of the liquid should have evaporated but if you find the consistency is too thin add a little cornflour to thicken.



In a separate pan melt the spread, add flour until it forms a pasta. Take off the heat and gradually add the milk and water continuously stirring to prevent lumps. Return to the heat and bring to the boil before reducing the heat and leaving to thicken. Add grated cheese and stir in until it melts.20150402_160643

Layer bean mixture in an oven proof dish (a thin layer followed by lasagne sheets on top with another thin layer and so on….) I found I did 4 layers in total but depends on the size of your dish.


Top with the cheese sauce and sprinkle with the remaining cheese.


Bake at 180 for 30-35 mins until top is nice and golden and cheese begins to bubble.


Tonight I served with garlic bread but I’ve also done salad or potato wedges in the past.


Just one final warning. You may need to open a window after the entire family has eaten this. After all you know what they say ‘Beans beans are good for your heart but the more you eat the more you… 😉

— Rachel

Kidney bean and sweetcorn salad – 29p-47p per person

I don’t know about you, but I’m a little bit tired of salad being defined as iceberg lettuce, slightly unripe tomatoes and watery cucumber. Don’t get me wrong, a nice crisp, iceberg has it’s place (on a tortilla wrap with tartar sauce, gherkins and fish fingers, for example), but when it comes to a salad for lunch, or a side dish for dinner, I really want something more.

Enter the kidney bean and sweetcorn salad. Prices are correct, as of 29/03/2015. As usual, I’m using Tesco via Mysupermarket – I imagine that Lidl/Aldi would be cheaper though, especially for the kidney beans.

DSC_21931 can of kidney beans – 30p Tesco Value (23p at Aldi)
60mls olive oil (vegetable is fine) – 15p ish
1/2 clove of garlic – 2-5p
pinch of salt – 1p
Ground black pepper – 1p
125g of frozen sweetcorn – 13p (using Tesco Value)
1/2 a red pepper -25p for a pepper from a Tesco Value multipack (approx), making it around 13p for half
2 tomatoes – 7p from a Tesco Value multipack (approx), so 14p for 2
1/2 a finely sliced onion – 16p for one onion, so 8p for half
1 lime – 30p

Total cost: £1.21 in total, using Tesco beans.
OR £1.14 using Aldi beans.

Drain your beans, chop your veg and mix your liquids. Stir it all together and you’re done. With the sweetcorn being frozen, just leave it to stand a while on the side before serving. You don’t need to cook the sweetcorn, but you do need to let it come up to room temperature.

As a lunch, I’d say it serves 3, but I would stir some pasta through it – 75g per person, and costing around 7p. So as a lunch 47p for Tesco beans and 45p for Aldi beans.

If you did chose to have it as a side, I’d say this could serve 4 people, presuming there was something else (baked potatoes, potato wedges, garlic bread, rice salad, pasta salad… whatever you can think of). That makes it 31p for Tesco beans and 29p for Aldi beans.

Nom nom nom!

What are your favourite lunch dishes?

— Farn ❤