Aldi’s Super Six

Well, well! It looks like crumble season might soon be upon us! And not just the sweet variety… mushrooms lend themselves particularly well to creamy, savoury crumbles.

This is a great recipe for mushrooms – make it cheaper by using Aldi’s herby soft cheese instead of ricotta, and by making pastry yourself. Pat’s recipe for easy pastry in the Files on facebook is perfect for this.

Or check out this recipe for onion soup – use the 12p loaf and switch the white wine for a tbsp on balsamic vinegar to make this as cheaply as possible.

At the moment, we’re eating these potatoes like they’re going out of fashion. I keep meaning to photograph them to post about but somehow eat them all in a – frankly shameful – display of gluttony before I find the camera. I make them cheaper by boiling in plain water and tossing them in oil rather than butter. When I’m ready to bake I brush on a mixture which is 2 tbsp vinegar and 2 tbsp vegetable oil, making up for the lack of vinegar during boiling. I also use regular salt, rather than the expensive sea salt mentioned there… just writing about them makes me want to eat them again so doubtless they’ll show up in a blog post near you very soon!

What are your plans for these fruits and veg?

— Farn ❤

Aldi’s Super Six 02/04/2015



This week’s Super Six veg at Aldi. What can you make with them, I hear you ask?

How about using the cream and fish left over from the creamy mackerel fish pie to make a lovely, fresh tasting chowder? Slice some carrots and leeks and fry them off in a little oil. Add the flaked fish, some stock and the mange tout. After you remove it from the heat, stir the leftover cream through. Tasty, tasty! 🙂

Or stay-tuned for tomorrow’s post – I’ll be adding a recipe which uses carrots, potatoes, leeks and parsnips. Perfect!

What would you make with these ingredients?

— Farn ❤