Economy Gastronomy

First published in 2009, this book is old news as far as cookery books go. Since it was released, A Girl Called Jack has taken the budget cookery world by storm (and rightly so), so a lot of the advice in here is either old hat, or has been surpassed by better/cheaper variations. But when I saw it for sale in a charity shop, I couldn’t resist and thought I’d share my find with you guys in case you should stumble across it too.



There are some great pieces of advice re. stocking a kitchen in terms of utensils. Also some very pretty pictures. Whilst I don’t agree with everything on the list, I do think that the advice of having one or two items, just because you love them, is really nice. Just FYI, my totally unnecessary item is a vintage enamel flour bin from Denmark.


If you’ve not really cooked from scratch before, you might find the above list of store cupboard items helpful. Again, I don’t agree with everything – I like a bit seedy goodness as much as the next person, but nice seeds are pricey additions and unless you’re honestly likely to be using them often, I find it best to buy them in as I need them and use them up in things like rice salad as I go.



The list of things that you should avoid buying is mostly the same as my own, though I’d rather spend my money on Tesco Value vegetable stock than Organic meat stocks. At 2p per cube, they’re perfectly adequate. And I definitely dispute the purchase of pre-made pastry. Yes, it’s quicker, but when you can make it yourself for around 30p for the same quantity as you’d pay a pound for in the shop, homemade pastry is definitely a winner.

As for the recipes, these are what you’d expect – super tasty so far in trials 😉

Would I go out and buy this book new? These days, probably not. When you know how to budget, you’re better off with something like the LEON 2 cookbook, but if you’re new to the world of home-cooked budget meals then it’s definitely one to look out for – if only so you can try the hot and sour chicken soup.

What are your favourite cook books?

— Farn ❤


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