Pancakes – 9p-20p per person. (GF, carb free, sugar free options.)


Pancakes, pancakes… scrummy yummy pancakes. These are my favourite weekend breakfast, though they’re so quick to make that I sometimes manage them during the week too. I like weighing out the dry ingredients the night before so that I can just toss the milk and egg in while I’m still semi-comatose.  Yes… I’m sad like that and plan my breakfasts for the next day.

For some reason, I priced this up from my Aldi shopping list last week… no idea why that seemed like a good idea at the time but… yeah. Here we go.

Pancake base option #1

125g SR flour (around 4p for the Aldi one – this works brilliantly with GF too btw.)
50g sugar (4p Aldi – can use a tbsp honey/agave nectar if you’re avoiding sugar)
1 egg (15p Aldi free range)
5 fl oz milk/150mls milk (6p Aldi whole milk)

Around 29p for the batch and it easily feeds three of us (two adults and a pancake-mad toddler, who eats more of them than we do). Works out at 9p per head.

Pancake base option #2

Alternatively, 2 overripe bananas plus one egg will make a decent pancake batter 🙂

GF, carb free, refined-sugar-free, wheat free etc. and a good way to use up your extra bananas. 😉 At around 11p per banana this way works out at around 37p per batch and 12p per serving.


Optional: The zest of one lemon and a tbsp poppy seeds. I had a lemon that I used the juice of in another recipe so I zested it and froze the zest before squeezing. I just took it out of the freezer last night and added it to the mix this morning. The poppy seeds I collected from the garden when the flowers dried so for me these additions were free. At around 25p per lemon, and around 6p per tbsp poppy seeds, if you were buying these extra ingredients specially they would up the total to 20p per head. Still cheap for a Sunday morning treat, or a snack after school, but maybe best left for if you need to use up zest for something 😉


Mix up your basic batter (option #1 or option #2) and add the lemon zest and poppy seeds. Spoon a tbsp of mixture onto a griddle pan (with a little butter if it’s not non-stick) and flip when bubbles start appearing on the surface.Enjoy! 😀 Lovely with hot butter or lemon curd.



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