5 a day on a £1 a day

One of the questions we get asked when people first join the facebook group is how it’s possible to eat 5-a-day on £1.  Rachel came up with the following list, which is a handy to guide to what constitutes a portion of fruit/veg, over and above the obvious.

“An adult portion of Fruit and Veg is classed as 80g (or 30g of dried fruit). Beans and Fruit Juice also count (but can only be counted as 1). Based on current Tesco Value prices all these are less than 10p a portion…

80g Baked Beans = 5p
30g Sultanas = 5p
80g Carrots = 5p
80g Onion = 6p
80g Kidney Beans = 6p
Tbsp Tomato Puree = 6p
80g Chickpeas = 8p
80g Frozen Peas = 8p
80g Beetroot = 9p
80g Sweetcorn 9p
150 ml Fruit Juice (Orange, Apple, Grapefruit) = 10p”

So now you know 🙂 Which are your favourite bargain veg?

— Farn ❤


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