Fish noodle soup – 60p

Based on a recipe from the Danish Meat Association, this was originally intended to be made with strips of pork (which is also delicious). I usually go for fish though as I find it quite hard to think of ways to cook fish which aren’t fish pie, breaded fish and baked fish.

2 fillets of pollock/coley – 50p per 100g from the fish counter, around £1.00.
2-3 spring onions – 20p
Sesame oil to fry with (though any oil works, sesame gives a really nice taste) – 2p
400mls stock – 2p Value stock cube
200mls coconut milk – 8p -as with previous recipes, I used the Maggi powdered milk as you don’t need to halve a can. If you can’t get the powdered milk, you can plan to make this and another coconut dish in the same week so as not to waste any.
1tsp of turmeric – 1p
50g frozen peas – 5p
50g frozen sweetcorn – 5p
1 carrot, very finely sliced – 7p
1tsp sambal olek/chilli jam/ a strong, red chilli and a tsp sugar… or all three if you’re that way inclined – 10p
Noodle nest – 19p This is a pack of Asda Smartprice noodles (the Supernoodle knockoffs). They’re by far the cheapest way I’ve found to buy noodles and I just use them without the flavourings.

Fry off the spring onions and the carrot rounds. Add the fish to the pan, followed by the coconut milk and everything else but the peas and sweetcorn. Cook for 15 minutes. Add the noodles. Cook for a further 3 minutes or so, adding more liquid if you feel it necessary. Finally, add the frozen veg, stir through and serve.


Total Cost: £1.79 or 60p per person for a lunch sized portion, or 89p for a dinner sized portion. You can cut the costs here by using less fish and more veg, using dried chilli flakes and a little sugar or omitting this entirely.

Do you have any ideas for reducing the cost of this?

— Farn ❤


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