Creamy pasta – 63p

What do you do with the dregs in the bottom of the fridge? The obvious answer is soup, but when soup is your go-to dish for pretty much every leftover (I’m holding my hand up as being guilty of this), it’s nice to have an occasional change. I’ve priced the ‘recipe’ as usual below, but since I make this to use up the sad, lost vegetables which get left behind, it really costs a lot less. The only constants you need are the pasta, creme fraiche and mustard. Leave out the lardons for a vegetarian option. Use gluten free pasta if you’re intolerant/allergic.

As ever, prices are Tesco via Mysupermarket, unless otherwise stated (accurate as of  6/8/14 – when I first posted it on the facebook group).

300g wholewheat fusilli – 19p per 100g
300mls Creme Fraice – 90p
1 tbsp wholegrain mustard – 5p
1 carrot – 7.5p
1 onion – 16p
100g frozen sweetcorn – 10p
100g smoked lardons – 64p

Total price: £2.49/4 – 63p per serving.

Cook the pasta separately. Fry everything else off in a pan then add the crème fraiche and mustard as a sauce. Stir the pasta through and away you go.

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