Sausage and potato hash – 69p-72p per person


Let’s face it, this isn’t a pretty dish. Then again, so few hearty dinners are and what this is lacking in looks, it makes up for in deep, comforting taste.

Based on this dish, I took on board a lot of what Amelia (the blogger) said was wrong with the dish’s original incarnation and came up with the following. As ever, prices are Tesco viaMysupermarket:

1 onion – 16p
2 leeks – 80p ish (you can do this cheaper by using approx. 500g of frozen leeks – 71p)
500g potatoes – 35p ish
6-8 sausages (I allow 2 per person, but you can make them go further if you cut them into rounds) – £1.50 (based on the 2 packs for £3 offer on Tesco Butcher’s Choice sausages – 8 sausages per pack, valid on publication 13/5/15)
1 stock cube – 2p
1 tbsp wholegrain mustard – 5p

TOTAL: £2.88 or 72p per person (using fresh leeks).
69p per person when using frozen leeks.

You could get this down further by using cheaper sausages, or getting sausages from the reduced section. I did look into using Quorn sausages for this, but even buying a large pack of frozen sausages, you only save 1p per head so using the vegetarian option is an ethical choice rather than financial one in this recipe.

Anyhow, the method.

Mix up a stock and add the mustard. Roughly chop the veg and scatter in a lasagne dish, placing the sausages on top. Pour the stock over the top until the veg is covered, but the sausages are slightly elevated. Bake for 50 minutes at 160C, checking regularly. It’s ready when the potatoes are soft.

What are your favourite sausage dishes?

— Farn ❤


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