Helpful Links

The internet is an amazing resource when you’re trying to shop cheaply. Whether you use it for finding and printing vouchers, or just researching cheap recipes, it’s a great place to start when you’re hunting out edible bargains.

Link the first:

This site is so useful for online grocery shopping. You use their interface to do your shop, and the website will tell you which supermarket is cheapest. It also lets you know if there are cheaper versions of the products you’re adding to your basket – for example, if you add a kilo of pre-packed onions, it’ll let you know if loose cost less. On top of that, it can be tied to your paypal account for cashback on certain items. Once you’ve done your shopping, simply submit it to the supermarket of your choice, and pay via their interface. Simple.

Link the second:

Possibly the best known of the budget food writers, Jack endured horrible, hungry conditions due to a delay in unemployment benefits. This led to her and her son living on just £10 per week. If you’ve not been to her site before, I definitely recommend taking a look. That’s why this post is over a week late – I keep getting drawn in to delicious recipes and fascinating posts.

Link the third

Thrifty Lesley… I’ve blogged about her savoury tomato scones before, so I won’t bore you with another session where I rave about how great they are. Her comprehensive meal plans are a total godsend if you’re trying to shop cheaply but don’t know where to start.

Link the fourth:

This is a great place to bulk buy meat. There’s loads of really high-welfare options too, including grass fed and free range, and lots of what’s on offer is British. Win.

Link the fifth:

If you have the funds up front to pay for an order of store cupboard staples, or if you’re the sort of person who likes branded goods but doesn’t want to pay the high prices, Approved Foods is a fantastic site. They sell food with short dates, or things which are past their ‘best before’. Not to be confused with a ‘use by’ date, ‘best before’ means just that – the product is at it’s tastiest until the date stamped, but won’t be harmful if consumed thereafter. And let’s face it – jam, honey, ketchup etc… the taste of these items isn’t going to alter just because the ‘best before’ date has been and gone. A word to the wise though, if you’re living in the north of Scotland, postage can get a little pricey. Being based in Aberdeen, I know all about this first hand, but there are ways around it. Mum and I, plus some friends, have organised get-togethers in the past where we order what we need and split the postage between all of us. Even if you’re not in the higher priced postal region, this can be a good way of getting things as cheaply as possible so it’s worth bearing in mind.

Link the sixth

Much the same as Approved Foods, Clearance XL offers brands at discounted prices. It’s definitely worth looking here, if only for the Maggi coconut milk powder. 😉

Link the seventh:

With loads of lovely, frugal recipes and tips about how to cut the costs of daily living, Frugal Queen is a wonderful resource for meal planning.

Link the eighth:

Mortgage free in three – one mum, two kids, three years. Says it all, really. This is another great resource for saving money.

Hope some of these help – which are your favourite money-saving sites?

— Farn ❤




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