Rocky Road Bites – 12p per cake

17One for the weekend – these little bites of loveliness are super-easy to make and are great for involving the kids.

Basically, they’re are a variation on old-school Crispie Cakes, and you can substitute the biscuits for any cereals you might have lying around (except muesli, because… well… just no). All the different textures in the chocolate are lovely, and because they contain raisins, you can con yourself into believing that you’re being healthy.

As usual, prices are for Tesco via MySupermarket.

You need:

8 biscuits – I used Lidl’s Oaties because we had them, but digestives are cheaper and so that’s what I’ve priced – 9p (ish)
3 bars of Value chocolate – I like a mixture of dark and white but anything will do – 90p
100g sultanas – I used raisins because we had them, but sultanas are cheaper – 17p
50g of mini marshmallows – 37p from Tesco, but a pack of 150g costs around 84p from Aldi (if memory serves) so these would be 28p

£1.53 for 13 cakes, making them 12p each if you use the Tesco marshmallows, £1.44 and closer to 11p each if you use the Aldi ones. You can also make this without an oven, using only a kettle/very hot tap water/a microwave.

First of all, melt your chocolate. I don’t have a mircrowave so do mine in a Bain-marie (read: big empty plastic bowl balanced on a small porcelain bowl which contains hot water… I do not advocate this, and there are plenty of good tutorials online as to how you can safely set up a Bain-marie).

Pop your biscuits in a bag and either break them up yourself, or have an over-enthusiastic three year old do it for you.

Add the biscuits and other ingredients to the chocolate, stir through until everything is covered and spoon into cupcake cases (or onto a non-stick surface to cut later when the chocolate has set).



I use reusable cases because that way, I know I’ve always got some in the house and don’t need to replenish my supplies. What are your favourite bakes with kids?

— Farn ❤


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