S-t-r-e-t-c-h i-t o-u-t!

Some ingredients are cheap. Some are expensive. There’s just no getting around it.

So how can you make the expensive ingredients go that little bit further? Here are some things that members of our group have suggested.

  • 12Adding garlic, cayenne pepper or mustard powder to a white sauce can make it taste cheesy, without using any cheese – always cheaper!
  • Adding a cheap can of vegetable soup to stew can eke out another serving.
  • Grate things like asparagus stalks, cauliflower leaves and broccoli stems to use in mince dishes or soups.
  • Mince is possibly the easiest thing to stretch out – a friend of mine used to use a crumbled Weetabix, but common in our house are:
    1. Grated carrot
    2. Soya mince
    3. Lentils
    4. Oats
  • When using eggs for scrambled eggs/omlette, you can replace one of the eggs you’d normally use for the same volume of milk.
  • Pat (and lots of other folk on the facebook group) use full fat milk, diluted. I’ve not tried it myself, but as long as you use the full cream milk with the blue lid, you shouldn’t be able to notice a difference in taste. Start off gradually – maybe just add one pint of water to the first lot. Save one of your old milk cartons to do this. Next time add one and a half pints and if you are still happy, then add two.

What are your top tips for making pricier foods go further?

— Farn ❤


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