Hello all! Welcome to the ‘Feed yourself for £1 a day’ blog!

We’ve decided to start this as a place to keep all the recipes in the ‘files’ section from the facebook page. Due to the sheer number of members that we have, and the amazing recipes that everyone keeps contributing, the facebook group format doesn’t seem to be working any more – at least not from an archival point of view.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be pricing, cooking and posting a lot of the various contributions so that they can be categorised according to whether they’re breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks.

I’ll also be tracking down articles of interest, other websites which might be relevant and writing a bit myself about what it’s like to try and live on £1 a day. Other members of the group admin will contribute too and we’d like to invite you to submit any posts you think might be of interest (other than recipes – keep putting them in the ‘Files’ and we’ll try to come to them eventually – promise!)

Hope you enjoy!

— Farn ❤